Privacy Policy

InstaReels Privacy Policy:

At InstaReels, we respect right of privacy of our users’ information and so, for transparency of how we handle these information, we encourage you to carefully read our privacy policy.

Our privacy policy describes the usage of the information we collect, share, and transfer to any of our subsidiary/affiliate/partners.

Information we collect:

  1. Provided by user
    We collect the below information provided voluntarily by user for some of our services:
    A) Email id – We collect Email ID provided by you for our services such as subscription, commenting etc. This information is not available to public.
    B) Name – We collect Name provided by you for our services such as subscription, commenting etc. You don’t need to provide your full name. You can even chose to have it, what you would like to be shown to public. This information is available to public.
    C) Website – We collect Website name/URL provided by you for reference purposes to provide you better experience. This information is not available to public.
  2. Automatically collected
    A) IP address – This may be automatically collected and serves the purpose of providing you improved and customized experiences. This information is not available to public.
    B) PC Operating System, web browser, URL referrer, timestamp etc. – These non-personally identifiable information help us improve our services based on your usage or any difficulty faced during the access.
  3. Cookies – To provide better experience of our services we may use cookies, which are very small text files and retain your preferences such as language, timezone, other non-personally identifiable information to third party applications such as Google Analytics etc. Advertiser/publishers with content on our website may also use cookies which are governed by their own policies. You may choose to disable it within your web browser. Please refer your web browser support for this.
  4. Information from other sources such as social media platforms – We may obtain information from advertisers/publishers who may provide us information collected based on your activities on our website such as clicking on advertisement or connecting to other social media such as FB, Twitter etc. from our website to avail their services.

How we use these information:

We adopt industry standard practices for safeguarding the collected information with appropriate security measures. We do not sell, trade or publicly share any personally identifiable information. We may share generic demographic information of our services usage with business partners or affiliates for improvement of our services. We store these information till our services require it or you choose to opt out of our services. Also, if you would like to have your comment removed, please reach out to us at: [email protected] for our review and further proceedings.

We reserve the right to amend our privacy policy and it is required to review it frequently for your consent.

By accessing our services you consent to our privacy policy. If you do not wish to agree with our privacy policy you must refrain from accessing our services at your discretion.

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